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Explore the transformative journey of mastering data strategy with Cloudflight, offering insights into harmonizing diverse data systems, aligning technical frameworks with business needs, and navigating the evolving landscape of GDPR compliance and advanced technologies.


The human out of the loop

·14 mins
This article examines the changes AI brings to jobs, ethics, and societal structures. It discusses the balance between embracing AI’s potential and preserving essential human qualities, while facing the challenges posed by Big Tech dominance and the rise of techno-feudalism.

How predictive maintenance, powered by IoT and AI technologies, can significantly enhance business efficiency, reduce costs, and improve competitiveness by predicting equipment failures and optimizing maintenance schedules.

Large Language Models and the Socratic Method

·11 mins
Exploring how Large Language Models can simulate Socratic dialogues to stimulate critical thinking. Introducing the Tree of Thoughts method to improve AI’s performance on complex reasoning tasks and emphasizing the importance of critical thinking in the era of AI.