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Hi! I’m Constantin. #

I’m a machine learning engineer at Cloudflight where I am integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into different business areas for our clients. Recently, my focus there has been on computer vision and 3D point cloud modeling.

Before joining Cloudflight, I managed large datasets at RDSC at Deutsche Bundesbank and supported the buildup of a Big Data cluster for managing financial micro-data.

Previously, I lived in Vienna where I worked at Magenta Telekom Austria (formerly T-Mobile) as a data scientist and Big Data engineer. There, I developed and deployed workflows for managing terabytes of data, implemented mobility analytics algorithms and event-based simulations, and taught machine learning.

In Vienna, I also studied Business Informatics at TU Vienna where I specialized on data science and AI. My master’s thesis is about analysis of time series data and optimization of coffee roasting processes using machine learning techniques.

Currently, I live near Frankfurt with my lovely fiancée and our fluffy 😼 kid.

Apart from coding, I also enjoy running, bouldering, playing table tennis, chess, piano and guitar.

Like to find out more? #

Take a look at my resume or my blog posts.

Feel free to contact me per mail or follow me on:

Constantin Brîncoveanu
Constantin Brîncoveanu
Software developer & machine learning engineer. Creating intelligent apps and working with data. Interested in robots and humans.