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Hi! I’m Constantin. #

I’m a doctoral candidate and research associate at Goethe University Frankfurt, diving deep into the socio-economic impacts of artificial intelligence. My research interests span Large Language Models (LLMs), Applied Machine Learning, Neuro-symbolic AI, and Reinforcement Learning, with a particular focus on how AI can enhance sustainability and smart living.

But there’s more to life than just algorithms and data. Located near Frankfurt, I cherish the time spent away from the screen, whether it’s conquering bouldering walls, contemplating my next move on a chessboard, discovering new music, or embarking on literal new adventures.

In essence, my life is a blend of deep analytical pursuits and an appreciation for life’s adventures, finding joy in both the complexities of AI and the simple pleasures life offers.

Like to find out more? #

Take a look at my blog posts.

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Constantin Brîncoveanu
Constantin Brîncoveanu
PhD candidate at Goethe Universität Frankfurt & experienced ML engineer | Exploring the socio-economic impacts of AI | Passionate about sustainable and smart living solutions through applied AI and machine learning | Committed to advancing AI for the betterment of society and the economy.