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Hi! I’m Constantin. #

I’m a Machine Learning Engineer who loves creating meaningful AI solutions. From developing 3D point cloud clustering to predictive maintenance tools using PyTorch and TensorFlow, I find joy in transforming data into insights - it’s like my own digital playground.

But life isn’t all about bits and bytes. Off the screen, I’m based near Frankfurt with my fiancée and our adorable, fluffy 😼 cat. I enjoy scaling bouldering walls, strategizing over a chessboard, unearthing new music, and setting off on new adventures.

Simply put, my life is a harmonious blend of the analytical and the adventurous, where code meets a fascination for life’s simple pleasures.

Like to find out more? #

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Constantin Brîncoveanu
Constantin Brîncoveanu
Data scientist & ML engineer | Blending computer science with business acumen | Creating impactful AI solutions